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Our Services:

Clothing alterations

Most of us don't have the bodies of Hollywood celebrities and supermodels and find it difficult to obtain an attractive and comfortable fit in mass-produced clothes made for people size 0 or less. However, there is no reason why you should not look like a star. The truth is that perfectly fit clothes make people look classy and stylish no matter what size they are. To experience the transformation that only perfectly fit clothes could bring come to European Tailoring and we'll make sure your clothes look as if they were custom-made just for you.

Garment remodeling

We are creatures of habit and sometimes it's hard to part with your favorite outfit, even though it's out of style. With our expertise in up-to-date fashion we can give your favorite outfit a makeover. It's also a great way to save cash on a new dress for a special occasion.


Have an alteration or repair emergency? Leaving for a wedding in Hawaii the next day and your hem has come undone? No problem! Come on over and have a cup of coffee or read the latest fashion magazines while we fix your clothing and save the day!

Yes! We hem Jeans Preserving Original Hems!

Who needs their jeans to loose that beautiful original hem after an alteration? If you are looking to hem your jeans in the state of Connecticut with original hem intact you must come to European Tailoring and we'll make sure that your designer jeans will look as great as when you bought them!

Clothing Repair (Including Vintage Clothing)

We offer a wide variety of repair services. We can successfully replace a zipper or velcro as well as repair ripped buttonholes or hand mend a tear in your outfit.

Doll Dress Repair

Can't trust your favorite doll's dress or that priceless antique doll's outfit to a seamstress in a crummy dry-cleaning shop? Come to us and we'll take care of your precious little garment, as if it were Queen of England's spring ball gown!

Hand Embroidery

A touch of simple embroidery or a few beads sewn on your garment is often enough to transform a plain little dress into something special (not to mention that it can give a second life to an outfit that's ripped or torn in a place where it is possible to cover the tear with embroidery or a bead ornament).

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